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    Shanghai CGC Filter Material Co., Ltd is a new type environmental protecting enterprise, which main products including all kinds of filter cloth, filter bags and filter cartridge etc... We are engaging the material development and end product marketing for the liquid-solid filtering and air-solid filtering field all the time since our establishment. And our factory is located in QingPu district Shanghai, which owns a professional technician teams and an experienced marketing teams, that ensures our providing a perfect service and technical support for you both before and after sales.

Normal temperature Series
Polyester (PET) needle-punched filter felt
Polypropylene (PP) needle-punched filter felt
Co-polyacrylonitrile (Nitrile) needle-punched filter felt
Polyamide (PA) needle-punched filter felt
Ho-polyacrylonitrile (Acrylic) needle-punched filter felt
Chemical yarn woven filter cloth, 729 tubular cloth, 208 flannelette, 921, 747, 737 and so on.
High temperature fume filter products
P84 (Polyimide) needle-punched filter felt
PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroethylene) high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance needle-punched filter felt
Teflon®needle-punched felt
Aromatic polyamide(aramide fiber) Meters®needle-punched felt
Glass fiber needle-punched filter felt
Poly-P-Phenylene Sulfide (PPS), Rayton® needle-punched filter felt
Glass filament woven cloth

Coating, laminating & functional products
Anti-static filter felt with conductive yarn woven or conductive fiber blended
Filter material with PTFE coating treatment
Filter material with water and oil proof treatment
Filter material with PTFE membrane laminating
Fabrication & further-processing
Various specifications and types of filter bags
Air filter bags with primary, medium & High filter efficiency
Pin-trucking filter cartridge, filter core
Cartridge made by stainless steel or carbon steel

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